The Radicool Approach

uv beachwear little girl on beach

What sets our approach to combatting the sun's damaging rays from the competition? It's our commitment to quality, comfort, practicality and style. Check out these facts about our products and decide for yourself:

  • Our custom-specified fabric is specially knitted using a high-denier yarn blend of 84% Nylon and 16% Elastane (the Italian equivalent of Lycra). And with a weight of 218-230gsm, compared with typical 170-190gsm.
  • This specialized premium fabric provides superior sun protection, and is much less susceptible to chlorine deterioration as well as billowing and bunching when coming out of the water.
  • Each batch of fabric is tested using the procedures established by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protections and Nuclear Safety Agency) and is verified as having a UV protection factor (UPF) value of 50+ providing broad spectrum UV protection that blocks out 98%+ of the sun's harmful radiation.
  • The uniquely different Radicool fabric tests consistently well above mean UPF 100+ ensuring maximum protection when wet! (analysis performed in accordance with Australian/NZ Standard AS/NZS 4399: 1996 Sun Evaluation and Classification, Appendix A). This is the highest rating available that we are aware of.
  • Most seams are sewn using six needle flatlock machinesthe strongest stitch available. The collars are sewn together using 4 needle overlock machines to sew 18 stitches to the inch, 50% higher than the swimwear industry standard. What this means is the stitching is thicker and fluffier than the normal thread and when used in conjunction with the 80 and 120 corespun threads, it makes a stitch that not only looks good but provides beachwear that is almost indestructible.
  • Zips are nylon so they can also handle salt and chlorinated water.

Radicool UV Beachwear is the original Australian sun protection clothing line, and still sets the industry standard. You can enjoy more fun in the sun at the beach and the cottage with all day comfort and fun fashion designs.