Radicool Quality

  • The fabric we use is specially knitted for us using a higher denier yarn that is a blend of 84% nylon and 16% elastane which is the Italian equivalent of Lycra to a weight of between 218gsm and 230gsm.upf fabric weave
  • In a nutshell, the mix of denier weight and knit construction results in a more dense fabric with a greater capacity to screen UV radiation than any other standard weight lycra used by our competitors at between 170 and 190gsm.
  • All fabric is tested prior to taking delivery using the procedures established by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protections and Nuclear Safety Agency).
  • Most of the seams are sewn together using six needle flatlock machines which is the strongest stitch available. The collars are sewn together using 4 needle overlock machines to sew 18 stitches to the inch which happens to be 50% more stitches than the swimwear industry standard. Yes it is still accurate that we use Coats corespun nylon 80 and 120 with the looper stitch using a 300.
  • Zips are nylon so they can handle salt and chlorinated water.