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Radicool sun protective clothing

According to Urban Dictionary:

"'Radicool' - A combination of being rad and cool. The two don't cancel each other out, but instead just make an awesome combination."

And that is why we are called "Radicool". Not because WE are radicool, but because our line of sun protective clothing is. We have combined comfortable and stylish clothing with industry-leading sun protective material so you can enjoy FUN IN THE SUN anytime, anywhere, worry-free!

Radicool was founded in Australia over 20 years ago by Mr. Neil Barnett, in response to a growing epidemic in his country. Australia has the unenviable crown as the world’s skin cancer capital and has held this crown for many years. This in spite of substantial media campaigns over decades designed to raise awareness of the dangers of overexposure to UV radiation.

The rates of skin cancer in Australia continued to rise even though the general public became far more aware of the cause and danger. In fact the costs of health care associated with UV exposure have eclipsed the costs associated with smoking-related diseases in Australia. Both related health problems are entirely preventable.

Having had a great deal of experience working for a manufacturer of bottled sunscreen, Mr. Barnett was well aware of their many shortcomings as follows:

  1. Bottled sunscreens are tested to screen out UVB. No adequate tests are available to measure the UVA penetration and while additives are used to theoretically enhance liquid sunscreens ability to screen UVA, they are not quantifiable. The rating of the sunscreen relates to its ability to screen UVB. UVA penetrates to the lower levels of the skins and erodes its elasticity causing wrinkles and of course skin cancer itself. UVB is the main cause of the reddening of the skin and of course is very dangerous.
  2. The testing of bottled sunscreen is based on measuring the penetration of UVB through a 15 micron layer of sunscreen. It is commonly understood that most people do not apply anywhere near a 15 micron layer and more likely a 7 micron layer would be used thus reducing the effectiveness of a standard application.
  3. Sunscreen can be easily washed or wiped off.
  4. Most importantly aside from the uncertainty of liquid sunscreen's ability to screen out UVA, burning of the skin from UVB is only slowed by the proper application of sunscreen. It is not stopped.
  5. Bottled sunscreen can also cause skin irritations, can easily miss an area during application and is not recommended for infants.

Having this knowledge as a base, Mr. Barnett set out to provide a more effective means of sun protection that made it easier for children, parents and adults in general and can also be applicable for infants.

A derivation of the rash tops used by surfers, Radicool set out to construct a more dense lycra fabric which could screen both UVA and UVB and did not have the shortcomings of bottled sunscreens. The result is Radicool has developed a fabric which can successfully boast a mean SPF/UPF of 100+.

Using this fabric we set out to make shirts with long and short sleeves with collars and longer bodies and bright colours to make functionally sun protective swimwear that kids and adults want to wear.

Radicool has been supplying our products to the world for over two decades now and is a leader in this category as well as specialising in functional sun protective headwear. Our line includes the following categories for your worry-free enjoyment of "fun in the sun"!

We hope you check out our website and enjoy what you see. If you purchase from us, you'll be completely satisfied, and that's GUARANTEED. Our promise to you.

Oh ya - and you'll be RADICOOL - an awesome combination!