UV Clothing - Letting You Eat Your Cake & Go To The Beach, Too

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uv clothing let's you eat your cake and hit the beach too

So picture this… a warm sunny beach; white sugar sand reflecting brilliant sunshine; cool inviting blue water with waves lapping gently in the background; and an icy drink by your side. You may be alone, or you may be surrounded by good friends or family. Your biggest decision today will be whether to fire up the grill or go out to the local bistro for dinner and whether to have chocolate cake for dessert. You’ve planned, you’ve packed, and you’re prepared to play.

What could possibly be wrong with this picture? Everything sounds amazing and the good news for humans is that sunshine has some health benefits. The widely read blog, Lifehack, lists 10. Sun exposure has been shown to:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improve bone health
  • improve brain function
  • ease mild depression
  • improve sleep quality
  • lessen Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • heal some skin disorders
  • boost growth in children
  • enhance the immune system
  • reduce risk of certain cancers

So with all that good news, what's not to love? Unfortunately, your idyllic escape has also put you smack dab in the middle of very real danger. The danger comes from the amount of sun exposure. At the very least, too much sun ends up as sunburn, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion with its tender skin, headaches, fever, and blistering. At worst, prolonged exposure to the sun leads to more serious issues, starting with premature aging with wrinkles, dark spots and discolouring, and ending with cataracts and melanoma. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation states that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime.

The question is how do you spend time in the sun, enjoying its benefits, without subjecting your skin to its harmful rays? Smart sun worshippers are turning to ultraviolet clothing aka UV clothing. Researchers in recent years have developed materials that protect the skin by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Manufacturers have taken that material and turned it into stylish, fun, sun wear. Today UV clothing is part of every smart beach wardrobe from the smallest outfits designed for infants, to the shirts and pants, and hats made to fit everyone else.

“But”, you ask, “What about sunscreen?” Sunscreen definitely has a place in your beach bag. It provides protection from UV rays, but it can be messy and you have to reapply it often to maintain its effectiveness. UV clothing is easy because you just put it on and forget it. Lightweight, attractive, comfortable, effective wet or dry, it’s a great way to save your skin from the damaging rays.

So back to that beach picture…you don’t need to change your plans. Whether you’re just in the backyard with the kids and the sprinkler, at the park for a picnic, or soaking up the rays at the beach, you can worrying less about too much sun. Pack up the cooler, the toys, the dog, the sunscreen and your UV clothing, and you can relax. Just don’t forget the chocolate cake and lemonade!


Mike McCarthy

Image courtesy of today.com

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