Choosing Sun Hats For Babies - 4 Things To Consider

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From the moment you know there's a baby in your future, the decisions start. There are the practical and important decisions like a name, whether to attend Lamaze classes or not, breast or bottle feeding, cloth or disposable diapers; the list is almost endless. Then there are all the other decisions, while not as critical, that still play a role in the future of the infant. What color will you paint the nursery? Will it have a theme? Do you want pastel colors or bold colors for clothing? And those are only the questions while the baby is still “baking”. Once it’s born, a whole new set of questions arise on an almost daily basis. It’s exhausting just thinking about all the planning, time and energy that goes into the care of that new little critter. It’s a good thing they come with a whole complete set of love.

Those little bundles inspire the best in us when it comes to protecting what we love. Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or just the lucky neighbour next door, you want what’s best for that baby. Providing them with love, care, and safety becomes a full time commitment. Some things are easy, for instance that whole running with scissors thing is a no-brainer. Other decisions take more time and thought, but they will all play an important part in the life of that child.

In the easy decision category is the choice to make fresh air and sunshine a part of a child’s life. We all know the benefits from an active, outdoor lifestyle. The one blip on that screen is the sun. While providing a little one with much needed vitamin D, the sun also comes with some harmful rays. The UV rays from the sun cause damage to all human beings not adequately protected, but sensitive infant skin is especially vulnerable.

Fortunately, we have sunscreens that work to provide some protection for that delicate skin, but they can be messy and expensive. If you want to provide maximum protection from the sun, an infant needs some kind of sun protective hat. Technology has made this an easy solution. Infant sun hats come in many sizes, shapes, styles and colors.

Here are four things you need to consider before buying:

  • Does the style provide adequate protection? It should have some kind of wide brim that not only covers the baby’s head, but also shades the face, neck and shoulders.
  • Make sure to check out the UPF value of the sun hat's fabric. Anything less than UPF 30 is not recommended.
  • Is it light weight? The fabric needs to be dense enough to block the rays but light weight enough to dry quickly if the infant gets wet or sweaty.
  • Does it have some kind of chin strap? Sun hats won’t protect the baby if it’s lying on the ground. A strap will help keep it where it belongs. If not a chin strap, does it have an adjustable toggle and elastic to fit secure enough to stay on yet remain comfortable?

After that sun hats are easy. Pick several of your favourite colors and head out into the great outdoors for a fine adventure. Have fun and stay sun safe!


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