20 Classic "Sun" Songs

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Sunshine and humans just naturally go together. Life, love, and lemonade all come from our great big beautiful sun. In fact, there’s nothing better than a sunny day unless it’s a sunny day filled with songs. Music and sunshine just make a magical combination. Whether you’re romping at the beach, snacking at a picnic, or pulling weeds in the garden, sunny songs make life in the sun perfect.

Musicians of all ages, and genres know this and have been inspired to compose songs about the sun since the “dawn of time”, (pun intended).  Doesn’t matter if you’re a hummer, whistler, or opera diva, this Top 20 list of sun songs is just made to take along on your next outdoor adventure.

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Whithers

Sunshine of Your Love – Eric Clapton

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Elton John

Ain’t Goin Down til the Sun Comes Up – Garth Brooks

Sunshine on My Shoulder – John Denver

Waitin’ on a Sunny Day – Bruce Springsteen

Good Day Sunshine – the Beatles

Here Comes the Sun – the Beatles (again)

Sunny Afternoon – the Kinks

You Are My Sunshine – just about everyone but originally the Pine Ridge Boys in 1939

Island in the Sun – Weezer

House of the Rising Sun – the Animals

I’ll Follow the Sun – the Beatles

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Summer in the City – the Lovin’ Spoonful

Blackhole Sun – Soundgarden

The Warmth of the Sun – the Beach Boys

Waiting for the Sun – the Doors

Just Another Sundown – Toby Keith

Now the only thing missing from your next outdoor day is a bit of protection. As much as we love our sunshine, wise sun worshippers know it’s important to protect themselves from too much of a good thing. If you’re looking for comprehensive and easy to read information about the effects of the sun on human skin, check out Medical New Today here. Knowing about the possible effects of too much sun is the first step in protecting you and your family.

Suncreen is the first line of defense for many people. It provides some protection; however, it can be messy and must be consistently and repeatedly applied. Many sun fans are looking to sun protective clothing to make life outdoors safer and easier. Sun protective clothing has come a long way in recent years. While some still associate protective clothing with bedsheets, clothing designers have worked to produce outerwear that provides great protection (UPF 50+) and that looks great. Special fabrics make sun protective clothing cool and comfortable, providing an easy way to enjoy that sunny day.

Here Comes the Sun…pack up your tunes and treats and have a Good Day Sunshine!


Mike McCarthy


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