Original Australian UV Beachwear

Radicool UV Beachwear is dedicated to the reduction of skin damage - including skin cancer - due to overexposure to UV radiation. Our unique UPF 50+ fabric and functional, fun designs allow you and your family to enjoy maximum worry-free fun in the sun. Learn more about UV clothing.

Radicool in Action

Worry-free "Fun in the Sun" all day long!

With you and your loved ones decked out in our unique UPF50+ sun protective clothing along with a safe and effective sunscreen, you'll be protected in the sun all day long. Whether wet or dry, our fabric maintains its UPF50+ rating which means that 98%+ of the sun's harmful UV rays won't be reaching your skin that's covered with your Radicool.

So complete your family's wardrobe with our Aussie-desgined products and you'll be able to have as much "Fun in the Sun" as these two little guys on the left do every single time!

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